Corporate Governance

In applying the principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company always upholds a good code of ethics in carrying out its business activities. The Code of Ethics applied by the Company are things that must be done and must not be done in dealing with other parties, both internal and external, which must be obeyed by the management and employees of the Company. The Company's Code of Ethics regulates interactions with all of the Company's stakeholders, namely the Code of Ethics with colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community. The code of ethics applies to the Board of Commissioners, Directors and all employees of the Company.
    Always apply the values that apply in the Company, namely focus on interacting with colleagues. Besides being able to respect and support other colleagues without distinguishing age, ethnicity, religion and gender, not dropping each other, jealous, selfish, and not supporting the actions of coworkers that can harm the company, able to avoid conflicts of interest between personal and work affairs , able to self-correct before blaming colleagues / other parts, able to maintain all information relating to company secrets, and able to maintain politeness by dressing appropriately and fairly at work, abiding by company regulations, able to maintain discipline and work ethics.

    Creating and maintaining close and positive relationships with customers, listening to and valuing input, advice and feedback from customers, taking all necessary actions to meet customer expectations, being able to maintain the confidentiality of data relating to customers, and used only for the benefit of the Company, not accept, offer or give gifts that can affect decision making objectively or similar things deemed inappropriate, report to superiors when getting gifts from customers and do not use a network of relationships with customers for business activities that compete directly / indirectly with the Company's business.

    Not requesting or receiving any money or gifts from suppliers, being able to establish communicative relationships with suppliers, being able to provide fair treatment to all suppliers, being able to provide information quickly, precisely and accurately to suppliers, conducting tenders in an open, transparent manner and can be accounted for, involving potential suppliers who have a good reputation, view suppliers as partners and fulfill commitments according to agreements with suppliers, and are not involved in the decision making process when dealing with suppliers who are members of the immediate family of the employee concerned.

    Implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance, manage investments with attention to risk within reasonable limits, and if above the authority limit will notify shareholders in advance, avoid conflicts of interest either directly or indirectly with the Company's business, safeguard Company assets and use them only for the benefit The Company, and carry out all activities and activities of the Company based on the applicable laws and regulations.

    Actively participating in social activities in maintaining a clean and healthy environment around the Company, building and fostering harmonious relationships and striving to provide benefits through community empowerment programs around the Company while still taking into account the Company's capabilities, are not permitted to discuss the Company's internal problems to the wider community , and participate in efforts to support the improvement of the welfare of the Indonesian people in general.