Corporate Governance

Whistle Blowing System Policies

The violation reporting system is an effort to prevent operational risk by increasing the effectiveness of the implementation of a fraud control system that focuses on reporting violations, and is a means of reporting complaints of fraud from employees to the Director with a focus on disclosure of complaints to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the fraud control system.

    1. How to submit a report
    2. Reporting parties can submit complaints to the Director by using media such as SMS, e-mail and letters.

    3. Protection for the reporter
    4. Refers to the Company's internal provisions.

    5. Handling complaints
    6. The fraud report received will be forwarded to the Company's internal audit, and the investigation process will then be followed up on.

    7. The party that manages the complaint
    8. The division that handles and manages the complaint report is the Company's internal audit.

    9. Results from handling complaints
    10. The report is followed up by the Company's internal audit in accordance with established rules.

Reports submitted through the violation reporting system are reports related to fraud which are described as follows:

    1. Intentional deviations or omissions are done to deceive, deceive or manipulate the Company, customers, or other parties, which occur within the Company.
    2. Using Company facilities to cause the Company, customers, or other parties to suffer losses.
    3. Frauders obtain financial benefits, both directly and indirectly.

    1. Corruption is receiving or asking for compensation, or misappropriation, or misuse of Company money for personal or other people's interests, or to move others, or make plans to harm the Company.
    2. Fraud, namely deceiving the Company, customers or third parties, or falsifying documents, signatures, physical evidence, or any authentic evidence.
    3. Theft is taking part or all of the assets or data of the Company that is not his right.
    4. Negligence, that is, ignores the procedural obligations or responsibilities as a Company employee consciously and intentionally.
    5. Violations, namely violating internal and external provisions of the Company, including engineering financial reporting, and banking crime.