About Yulie

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Organizational planning and competency development in Human Resources (HR) is one of the responsibilities of management in order to foster employee concern for the pace of the Company's business growth. As a Company that is committed to carrying out its responsibilities towards all stakeholders, the Company has an interest in ensuring that every business activity complies with all applicable laws and regulations including regulations relating to Labor, Health and Safety.

    Employment Opportunity

    The Company fairly recruits employees regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class, gender and social rank. The recruitment process is carried out by upholding the principles of equality, non-discrimination and transparency. The Company provides equal opportunities for everyone who has the qualifications needed to fill available positions.


    The Company provides remuneration for each employee in accordance with its contribution to the Company. This remuneration is intended to foster employee loyalty consisting of basic salaries and health benefits whose value is adjusted to their respective salaries and that are permanent. The lowest salary received by employees is at least the same as the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) set by DKI Province.

    Collective Labor Agreement and Industrial Relations

    The Company places its employees as stakeholders who have a great interest in the sustainability of the Company. Therefore the Company ensures the creation of good industrial relations with all employees. This is realized through employee protection through the existence of a Collective Labor Agreement (PKB) which is periodically reviewed, and its contents are updated in accordance with the latest conditions. To be able to ensure that the interests of the Company as a Company and the interests of employees as partners are equally met.

    Education and training

    The Company supports employees to attend education and training aimed at meeting employee competency needs by attending seminars held by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), the Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (Indonesian Securities Clearing KPEI), Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK), Indonesian Issuers Association (AEI), Indonesian Securities Companies Association (APEI) and Indonesian Corporate Secretary Association (ICSA).

    Occupational Health Sector Activities

    The Company includes employees in the Health Insurance Administering Board (BPJS).

    Work Safety Sector Activities

    Each employee is responsible for working with attention to security aspects for themselves and others, as well as doing whatever is necessary to protect the environment around them, and the Company includes employees in the Employee Social Security Organizing (BPJS) program.

    Commitment to the application of Labor, Health and Safety is stated in the Employee Code of Conduct, as follows:

    1. Employees must maintain and maintain a healthy and conducive work environment in supporting productivity.
    2. Employees are prohibited from selling, making, distributing, possessing and using substances, illegal drugs and narcotics.
    3. Employees are strictly prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages or alcoholic beverages while working.
    4. Employees are prohibited from storing / using firearms or other dangerous weapons during working hours at work, unless they have received approval from the Directors and are part of the work.
    5. Employees always play an active role in protecting the environment wherever they are.

  • The Company's social responsibility is manifested in various social donation activities (philanthropy), specifically in the context of increasing public awareness and knowledge regarding various investment activities and opportunities in the capital market. The Company has donated dozens of books on capital markets and economics to the Buddhist Dharma University Library (UBD), in Tangerang on August 28, 2019 as the Company's social responsibility in the field of education, especially in the capital market.

    To improve literacy and inclusion as well as public knowledge and understanding in the capital market, the Company conducted it in the form of a seminar for students on the topic 'Capital Market Financial Literacy & Inclusion Seminar 201: Investment Is Easy & Safe' in collaboration with the Indonesian Securities Companies Association (APEI), D'Light Institute and PT Indonesian Securities Investor Protection Fund (SIPF) Organizers along with 17 Securities Members, on November 13, 2019 at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta with participants from the students of the Marsudirini Secretariat and Management Academy (ASMI) Santa Maria Yogyakarta.

  • Policy

    The Company ensures that each of its services generates customer satisfaction so that it can form a loyal customer base and can support the sustainability of its business. To achieve high customer satisfaction, the Company ensures that the quality of its services meets customer specifications, so that customer satisfaction can be maintained and improved.

    Programs And Activities That Are Conducted And The Impact

    In order to maintain customer loyalty, the Company has implemented a variety of programs that can directly benefit customers. One of them is a program that maintains and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring service quality meets specifications and business processes so that they remain within the corridor of good governance, as stipulated in the Employee Ethics and Conduct Guidelines, which requires all employees to:

    1. Build constructive open communication with customers.
    2. Work hard to provide the best service through the process of handling customer complaints effectively.
    3. Promoting professional service standards with the principles of the right amount, on time, right information and on target.
    4. Paying attention and evaluating needs, and continuously monitoring, improving services, through systematic improvement of work standards, with adequate technological support.
    5. Provides ease and speed of information access.
    6. Providing services regardless of customer background, but prioritizing a proactive, friendly attitude, empathy and based on the value of politeness.
    7. Build intensive communication with customers to find the best solutions in order to improve performance and service.

    Customer Complaints

    All activities carried out in the field of customer service have had a positive impact on the Company. The impact is in the form of increasingly strong customer loyalty, maintained customer satisfaction, better relationships with customers, potential customer interest in establishing business relationships with the Company, and the Company's increased ability to serve the special needs of each customer so that the Company can apply more favourable commission for both the Company and the customer.

    With the increasingly strong relationship between the Company and its customers, of course it brings a positive impact on the Company's performance, where almost all customers are satisfied with the products and services that have been provided by the Company.

  • As a responsible company, the Company makes every effort to reduce the environmental impacts that arise. Efforts made include trying to make efficient use of paper in carrying out its operational activities. Thus, the Company does not only focus on increasing the contribution of economic value to stakeholders, but also focuses on reducing the negative impact of the implementation of the company's activities for the environment.