PT. Yulie Sekuritas
Indonesia Tbk.

About Yulie


The company was established under the name PT Ravindo Securitama in Jakarta on August 8, 1989 based on Notarial deed No. Rachmat Santoso, SH No. 49. On August 15, 1996 based on notarial deed Sugiri Kadarisman, SH No. 33 names of the Company were changed to PT Yulie Sekurindo. On May 10, 2017 based on the notarial deed of Kumala Tjahjani Widodo, SH, MH, MKn No. 16 names of the Company were changed to PT Yulie Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk.

The Company is currently registered as a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The business activities of the Company are in the field of securities traders, underwriters and other activities by taking into account the provisions of the Financial Services Authority. The Company obtained a business license in the field of Underwriter based on Decree No. KEP-64 / PM / 1992 dated February 25, 1992 and the Securities Traders Brokerage license based on Decree No. KEP-65 / PM / 1992 dated February 25, 1992.

On 10 December 2004 the Company listed all of its share



Securities Brokerage and Trading

Provide Equities trading in the primary and secondary markets

Securities Underwriting

Provide underwriting for Equity and Bonds issuance services.

Investor Relation